Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In the writing circle today we focused on description and for some reason, skin came to my mind. The first prompt was a green tomato, the second was simply choosing a person we felt like describing. As always, the writing in the group astounds me and I'm humbled by my fellow writers. Little snipits of their writing really stuck with me, to me. Here's some skin off what I wrote today:

Green as a Granny Smith
Smooth as split pea soup
Skin, balloon tight
It's surface, a shiny happy face.
Hard as a nine-months pregnant belly, packed with potential.
Green tomato


Grandma Flo was a Peach
I ran my finger across the back of her hand.
Her skin was like peach skin, velvet soft, only a thin layer that if pressed too hard, could easily peel away.
Ripe with age, her sweet flesh gives beneath my touch, tender.
Sun spots blotch like bruised fruit.
A long life on the vine has drained her juices, leaving wrinkles where fullness used to be.
The only thing plump that remains
Is her heart
Plump heart- still as strong as a peach seed- solid in love,
Even as the body surrounding it
wanes away with time

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