Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer Dreams

Dreaming of Summer Already

When summer comes floating in 

She’ll bring her carpet bag brimming with a hodge-podge of seasonal honeyed medicines

The light of yellow sun will pop out first to shine upon our faces

To shine upon problems, those that were stuck in shady places

And if I can’t handle the enlightenment she will disperse

An umbrella is stashed in her sunlit purse

She’s got lotion to soothe and protect me

Wind tucked in a pocket to whip-up energy

Hot sand for a warm place to ground myself, or warm up with a friend

Summer is my mother

She comes to tend

Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing to Evoke Emotion

~ Writing to Evoke Emotion ~

Hand hovers, hesitates, a shadow on the pale paper below

Then dives, a reckless raven into hidden holes, hollows


ink congealing into creation

Words turn into serrated black claws ripping their way across the white page

dark moments

exhausting the pen

black blood of emotion

I should be afraid to write them - but my will is to pull

your heart out and show you it beating, dripping, in my pale palm

So you may see it

feel it

perceive the pain

that I write

My only real fear is that you won't.