Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Say it, "Suicide."


In encourage you to watch the Upworthy video with Mariel Hemingway.  One of my favorite quotes from the video:

"As a community the more we talk about it the more we address it, the more we deal with it in our everyday lives the more healing we can offer everybody... it is about reaching out and that is the message I want to give everybody, keep talking about it."

I've written a novel where one of my main characters deals with depression and suicide.  It's a weighty issue that needs to be brought more into the light.  There are ways to connect, ways to help bring this subject to the forefront.

I met an author recently who really speaks to the heart of mental illness and is great at creating a community of similar people around this topic and more:
Check out on twitter:  @JulieBipolar
or at JulieFast.com
Her Blog:   BipolarHappens.com/bhblog

Also, "Out of the Darkness" are community walks that help fund raise for suicide prevention.  Not as popular as the "fun run" or the "color run" or the "beer run"... but a great cause.  I plan on walking this year and hope that you all can find one near you to lend your support to.


One last thing:

If you are in crisis, call 
1-800-273-TALK (8255) 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline