Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Color of Impatience

If Jealousy is green, what color would impatience be?
Red- Fiery. Hot. Agitated mobility.
Black - Black is done. And when you've reached impatience you're already done. Every drop of patience has either drained or evaporated, already departed.
But maybe black for emptiness, because patience was never there in the first place. Just its lack -it's absence- defines the whole of the other.
I am impatient.
Impatience wears jeans because they hardly wrinkle.
Impatience puts too much Frizz-ease in her hair because she doesn't take the time to tame it.
Impatience had two cups of coffee, not the four she desired...
Al dente pasta, wet paint, typo's... these curses follow in the wake of impatience.
But all you get is the wake because impatience doesn't wait around to introduce herself.
So, it turns out, impatience is blue.
Sowing the seed, not watching it bloom and grow
Mixing ingredients, never letting them stew
Making snap judgments - not sitting and getting to know
Missing so much, as impatience is bound to do,
She is bound to be blue.

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  1. I like it!! I am also IMPATIENT!!