Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where Did July Go?

Wasted away in California for the summer, dried out my Portland skin.
Oh, yes, and had my 20 year High School Reunion... that was more fun than I had ever imagined it could be. We had a very rare class, we all got along. Small town.

The Willamette Writer's Conference was the best place to go as an aspiring writer.
I met tons of author's, beginning like myself, and some well-known author's as well, along with editor's, agents, screenwriters... what an inspiring group to feed off of. How great to have a nice conversation with Hallie Ephron over breakfast before realizing that I was out of my league and shouldn't borrow her cloth napkin! She was SO nice. And then I met many odd one's in the group too - they were fun to hear pitch.

I kept hearing the same theme as I heard when I began teaching, "It's a lot of work and you have to love it."

Just passing the bar after the conference ended, I would pick up on different conversations as I passed tables and here a line of patched together dialogue, that goes something like this...
"So they found the body-"
"and then the refrigerator vortex-"
"But sex from a Male's point of view is-"
"He wrote what?"

I could have sat and people watched or, listened, forever but I limited myself to two gin-martini's to prove to my husband that this was a working conference. ;)

Now, I've found several neophytes that what to gather for a new Portland writing group, along the fantasy genre I believe and my next step - now that I've gotten around to sending all of my requested materials (oh yeah baby) out - is to work on putting that group together.

With much anticipation,
Writer Crews

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