Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Band-Aid is my Wingman

Band-aid is my wingman. She sticks by my side at all times. When my kiss won't heal, when my whispered words aren't enough to soothe, my buddy Band-aid steps in. I've used her to cover more than bleeding elbows and scraped knees. Just her presence placed gently over a perceived injury will calm and allow us all to carry on.

I guess a Band-aid in my house acts a bit like a Jewish Yarmulke, worn as a reminder that God is above - the Band-aid is a reminder that love is about and can be carried around with you.

Maybe I should frolick about placing Band-aids on wounded spirits. If only it could help others like it does my daughters. More likely, the "Band-aid Fairy" would just draw suspicious looks. So, I'll refrain and keep my Band-aid superpowers in the family. It's nice having a reliable back-up.

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