Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portland Women's Writing Group

Today I attended my first writing session with the Portland Women's Writing Group and was elated to see after our first shared prompt, that not only was I amongst a very talented group of writers that I intend to have rub off on me, but also that we responded similarly. The prompt was "When I write..." and "When I don't write..." I'm thrilled to be feeding the art within... nothing feels better (okay, maybe sex and cake) than writing.

When I write it can be a transcendental experience. Time stops and I am able to connect myself to all the "Me's" in this world throughout time. When that pen moves I'm with Deborah the eight year old still battling boys on the playground and I'm with Deborah the teen, so eager to please. I'm connecting to Deborah in the future as well. She's waiting for my message down the line. When I write I am mask-less and most me. It's cathartic. It's meditative.

When I don't write sometimes I forget to breathe - caught up in life's' daily routines, like getting mascara out of Barbie's hair. I'll feel the itch and wish I had more time for it. Because when I'm not writing, I want to be.

But my muse is dark and protruding, rude and alluding. My muse mocks, teases and lays down bets against me. He's harsh and unforgiving. But I'm competitive and he knows this - uses it - realizing, I'll work hard to kick his ass. So, I find the time.

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